Anna McVeigh

"I believe in the widening of the mind,

        the grounding of the body and

               the opening of the soul." 

My name is Anna McVeigh and I am a trained  and experienced counsellor, HypnoBirthing practitioner and yoga teacher.

As a HypnoBirthing practitioner, I am trained to facilitate HypnoBirthing classes for couples who are expecting a baby and want to birth in a calm and natural way. I am passionate about working with mothers and couples during pregnancy and also post-natally.


As a counsellor, I am trained to work with individuals, couples and groups who are struggling with various aspects of their lives. I believe that the more self-aware and self-compassionate we become the more able we are to make good decisions for ourselves and our lives. I believe in the importance of healthy relationships with ourselves, others and the world around us. My approach to counselling is client-centred, holistic and  strengths-oriented, and very empowering for clients.

With extensive training and experience, I offer coaching, counselling and HypnoBirthing classes. I also facilitate self-development workshops. These all offer a holistic approach to meeting your needs.

Please contact me and we can put together a plan that is catered to your needs.

For more about me please go to my blog post 'Who am I?'


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