Why mindbodysoul?

I chose MindBodySoul as my business name because I believe that counselling and HypnoBirthing both entail the connection and healing of the mind, the body and the soul. I believe that mind, body and soul are all interconnected. But I also believe that we live in a society that often sees them as separate. In many therapies the focus is either on the mind or the body. I believe in a holistic approach but I also know that I have engaged in some training that is more mind-oriented (eg. Cognitive Behavioural therapy), others that are more body-related (eg. Reiki and massage) and some that combine the two (eg. EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, which also recognises we are all energy, and Somatic Experiencing.) I have trained in other frameworks that also include the notion of the soul (Psychosynthesis). I believe in acknowledging them all, and bringing all these therapeutic approaches to my work. I believe whole-heartedly that we need to nourish our minds, our bodies and our souls in order to do the work of personal development.

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