Why counselling?

August 19, 2017



I intend this to be a short post and one that endeavours to offer people insight into the benefits of counselling. I am not going to harp on about personal growth, developing mindfulness and self-care strategies or about addressing issues such as anxiety or depression, even though I am passionate about these aspects of counselling. All I am going to do is this: I am going to write a list of the benefits I have been aware of in counselling contexts and the benefits my clients have mentioned.


So, here is the list of reasons to see a qualified and empathetic counsellor.


* Counsellors provide an empathetic space to express yourself and focus on your own life and journey and a place where you can focus solely on yourself.

* Having someone listen to you who genuinely cares and is non-judgemental in their approach..

* It offers a chance to reflect on areas of your life in which you can see a need for improvement.

* It offers a chance to discover your dreams and make goals.

* It offers a safe place to talk about issues that are deeply private or vulnerable.

* It offers a place to practice relaxation and embodiment techniques.

* It offers an opportunity to explore relationships in your life.

* It offers a chance to look at vocational possibilities and dreams.

* It allows you to reflect on meaning and purpose in your life.

* To feel truely heard and understood.

* To feel empowered

* To sit with self and other to see what conscious and unconscious processes emerge.

* To process thoughts and feelings and make decisions that feel right for you personally

* To find strategies to deal with mental health issues

* To heal from pain, mental health dilemmas or trauma


Above all, I believe empathetic counselling can offer a space and relationship that allows you to reflect on your values and your strengths and to come home to what you need to move forward and have a life that you truly deserve.


Counsellors can give you confidence in your own inner wisdom.


If you feel like seeing a counsellor could be of benefit to you, I highly recommend getting in touch or finding a counsellor that suits your needs.










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