Holding a point of tension

Holding a point of tension involves sitting with whatever is, or is emerging, and not acting until things become clear. Although the word tension sounds tight and uncomfortable the idea is to find a sense of acceptance of conflicting internal wants, needs or ideas. This could definitely involve sitting in the discomfort of the unknown and feeling all sorts of emotions. Ideally we want to find a certain level of comfort in doing this, without resisting how we are feeling and without forcing anything to happen. Ideally, by sitting with a part of us that wants one thing and another part that wants something else our true inner wisdom can have the space and ease to emerge. Holding a point of ten

Building Emotional Intelligence

As you can see from the diagram above the reptilian brain regulates metabolic systems, our breathing, our heartbeat and our nervous system, temperature, balance etc. The amygdala is the survival brain and acts like a security guard to the reptilian brain. It is hyper-vigilant as it is searching for danger. It is our old evolutionary patterning and gears us into fight, flight, freeze. Emotions, such as fear, pleasure, anxiety and anger are responses to an amygdala on high alert. Often undesirable responses to childhood and lifetime traumas give the amygdala reason to become very active causing hype-vigilence, reactions associated to fight, flight, freeze, and emotions like anxiety and anger.

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