I am inspired to write this post as it is one of my current focuses and it is giving me much joy and satisfaction. Please note: I am no expert. I wouldn't say I've previously been a hoarder, although I still have clothes and books, and items of jewellery that I had when I was in High School, some of which I have never worn, or read. 'But maybe one day I will', says my brain on a regular basis and it goes right back into the box, draw, bookshelf or wardrobe it's been in since it arrived in my life. Stress, I have decided, is created largely by clutter. Physical, emotional and mental clutter. Mindfulness helps to put emotional and mental clutter into perspective but physical clutter needs a di

Mind Body Soul parenting

“Be there for others but never leave yourself behind.” - Dodinsky It’s been said a million times before. It’s a cliché. We all know it makes sense. “Put your own life mask on first.” It’s all very well to know it and agree with it, but it’s quite another thing to put it fully into action. And if we’re going to be honest, it is nearly impossible to look after all our own needs all the time, and look after all our children’s needs all the time. Impossibly impossible, I’d say. The expression and interconnectedness of mind, body and soul really comes into its own right, and indeed into the light, during pregnancy, birth and parenthood. When we fall pregnant we become responsible for not only our

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